For Students

IT Support Services recommends certain brands and vendors based upon their performance within our network.  These vendors are Apple and Dell. You are certainly not restricted to these vendors however, you are required to meet minimum standards for your computer to be compatible with our network.

IT Support Services has special arrangements with Apple and Dell for educational sales. We would be glad to advise you, but please keep in mind your purchase is made directly with the vendor and not with Wheaton College. If you would like to contact us please email

We would like to inform students that you do not need to purchase Microsoft Office or Anti-Virus software as Wheaton College has a site license that you are able to use while you are a student of the college.  Once on campus you will be able to download and install these products free of charge.
Follow this link to get more information on how to obtain the software.


To purchase a Dell system please use Wheaton’s customized page here at the Dell Premier Page. The notebook listed on Dell’s site meets all Wheaton College’s requirements. Once on the site, you may select from the special offers or view discounted pricing on Dell’s full inventory.


Learn about Apple for Education pricing that is available to students, parents, faculty and staff of Wheaton College.

To purchase an Apple Computer you can visit Apple’s Education Store.

You may ship your computer to yourself at:

Wheaton College, Box W___
26 East Main Street
Norton, MA 02766