The role of supervisor is critical to the success of the student employment program. Building a relationship between supervisor and student employee where the proper employee selection is made, quality training is provided, expectations are clear and communication is open will help student employees to perform better and to grow as individuals. Well-defined and managed campus jobs benefit everyone concerned.

Working with the Student Employment staff

The Student Employment staff authorizes jobs, wage rates, and authorized start dates for all student for all student employment. Coordination with the us is important in these ways.

Each supervisor should:

  • Ensure that a Job Classification form for each type of student job available in your department is on file in Student Financial Services.
  • Complete and submit a Request for Hire/Work Authorization Form (RWAF) for each student employee. No student is authorized to work until an approved RWAF is received.
  • Any payment for work prior to a student’s official work authorization email will be paid out of the department’s operating budget, not their student employment budget.
  • Promptly review, approve and submit student time sheets to the Payroll Office:.Time sheets must be approved by the direct supervisor of the student. Failure to do so will delay distribution of student pay checks. Supervisors will have to resubmit hours which can further delay the process. The following link contains instructions for electronic time entry approval: Instructions for Electronic Time Entry Approval
  • Notify the Student Employment staff of any changes in the status of your student employees, in writing or via e-mail.
  • Notify the Student Employment staff of any changes in the status of your supervisory position by completing the online Change in Supervisor form.
  • Monitor wages earned by each student, keeping in mind the limit of the student’s work allotment and the specific wages assigned by the department. Students may not exceed work allotments. Departments must also stay within the department’s student employment budget allocation for the academic year.
    • If a Federal Work Study student exceeds his or her FWS award, any remaining payments will come from the department’s Wheaton Work budget.
    • If a Wheaton Work student exceeds his or her WW award, any remaing payments will come from the department’s operating budget.
  • Complete and return Student Employment Performance Reviews to the Student Financial Services where they will become a part of students’ employment records.