Because student employment at Wheaton is both a work and a learning experience, employee performance reviews are strongly recommended.  Whether the feedback is positive or negative, dialogue between supervisors and students proves to be invaluable in how it affects a student’s continuing performance and retention. The Student Employment Performance Review Form becomes a part of the student’s permanent work record.

The student’s performance is evaluated for knowledge of job, initiative and self-reliance, acceptance of creative criticism, professional attitude, and dependability. More importantly, supervisors are asked to evaluate how the student could become a better employee in the future. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to complete performance reviews for all students, including graduating seniors. Performance review forms are generally submitted in the spring. However, supervisors may submit performance review forms at any time to Student Financial Services for students terminating employment mid semester, or after only one semester. The forms must be signed by both the supervisor and student.

When supervisors complete performance reviews they should take the opportunity to consider if they will seek authorization to rehire or promote each student for the coming academic year.