Hiring International (Non U. S. Citizens) Student Employees

Wheaton International Work-study Awards:

International students who qualify for college financial assistance are offered Wheaton International Work-study awards (WIWS). They receive the same priority for on-campus jobs as students who receive Federal Work-study awards (FWS). Supervisors may contact Student Financial Services (SFS) to find out the award status of an international student whom they wish to hire.

International students who do not qualify for college financial assistance are given Wheaton Work (WW) awards when they obtain employment.   The funds are paid from a department’s WW allocation.

Steps for Hiring International (non U.S. citizens) Student Employees:

  • Student is offered a job.
  • Supervisor completes “International Employment Verification Form (IVF).”
  • Students brings IVF to Student Financial Services(SFS).
  • The Student Employment staff issues letter of authorization stating that the student has been employed on campus.
  • Student brings letter to the Social Security Office and applies for social security card. The SS card is usually received within 10 days.
  • Supervisor completes RWAF with student.
  • Student brings SS card, with ID documents (listed in “Required Forms”) and RWAF to SFS.
  • Student completes I9 and W4 forms in SFS.
  • Student sets up Direct Deposit account in the Payroll Office.
  • SFS processes RWAF for the current pay period. Student and supervisor receive processed copies of RWAF.
  • Student may begin to work.