On-campus student employment during January Break, Senior Week, Commencement Reunion Weekend, or summer break is considered nonacademic year employment. A student’s work allotment is not active during these employment periods (except during January paid community service). Wages earned are charged to departments’ operations budgets. Students hired must complete the Request for Hire/Work Authorization Form so that they can be placed on the nonacademic year payroll. Graduating seniors, if offered employment, must be hired through the Human Resources Office.

All open Non-academic year employment positions must be posted on the Student Employment website.

On-Campus January Employment

Supervisors who wish to continue employing academic-year student employees during the January Break must file new Request for Hire/Work Authorization Forms. Student work forms will be processed on the nonacademic payroll system. The supervisor should clearly indicate on the form that the employment is for January only. Pay rates are set by the Associate Director of Student Financial Services for Student Employment.

On-Campus Commencement/Reunion Weekend and Summer Employment

The summer Student Employment Program begins immediately after the last day of exams and continues until the first day of classes in the fall. Summer employment, therefore, includes Commencement/Reunion Weekend. Supervisors who would like to employ students during this employment period should complete the Request for Hire/Work Authorization Form for the period of employment; i.e. commencement/reunion week or summer. During this period, wages are charged to departmental operations budgets. Pay rates are set by the Associate Director of Student Financial Services for Student Employment.

Supervisors should try to anticipate openings well in advance of the close of school. Most students secure summer jobs at home during the spring break.

Payroll Process During Non-academic Year Employment Periods

During the Senior Week, Commencement/Reunion Weekend, and Summer, the payroll system continues to operate biweekly. Students’ paychecks are directly transmitted to student-designated bank accounts.

Nonacademic Year Wage Guidelines

Students who are hired to work during this period must be paid at least the existing state minimum wage. Starting during the summer of 2013, all previously held and newly created Student Employment positions will be re-evaluated and evaluated to determine the appropriate wage rates.  Supervisors will need to complete a new Job Classification Form for each position.

As is done during the academic year, the Associate Director for Student Employment will evaluate each position and determine the appropriate wage rate in regards to education requirements, skills/experience, interpersonal skills, and supervision requirements.  Once an assessment has been made she/he will contact the supervisor will the updated information.

The non-academic year wage levels are below:

  1. Basic : $11.00
  2. Intermediate/Advanced (special knowledge, expertise required):  $11.25
  3. Special Certification: (Rarely, some positions may require special certifications or training.):  $11.50