How do I submit my time sheet?

After students submit their Request for Hire/Work Authorization Forms and the other necessary forms, they will be added as employees on their insideWheaton accounts. This will give students the opportunity to submit their hours to their supervisors for approval. Instructions for submitting hours can be viewed on the payroll website.

Time sheet deadlines

The student employment program runs on a biweekly pay schedule. Students are required to submit their electronic time sheets for approval on Friday by 2 p.m. Time sheets must be approved by the student’s direct supervisor, verifying the hours worked and wages earned.

The supervisor should ensure that the time sheet is correctly completed and approved on time to avoid processing delays. Students will be directed to speak with supervisors regarding missed pay checks caused by departmental delays. The supervisor and the Payroll Office will work together to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

Community Service Time sheet Submission

Students who work for any of Wheaton’s approved community service agencies (e.g., the Norton Public Schools, the Pincecroft School, the Norton Public Library, etc.) must complete their insideWheaton time sheet by the stated deadline, print it out, and then have it assigned by the designated supervisor at their off-site agency.  The time sheet must then be dropped off at Student Financial Services by 5 p.m. on the Friday that the time sheet is due – no later.  Once it is dropped off, the Associate Director for Student Employment will approve your time sheet online.

How do we get paid?

After submitting your time sheet on your insideWheaton account, the Payroll Office will process the information, and your pay check will be issued on Thursday of the following week. Pay checks are deposited directly into the account(s) you specified on your direct deposit form.