Each Wheaton student performing work on campus must complete the Student Employment Request for Work Authorization (RWAF) (pdf). This form must be on file and processed by the Student Employment staff before the student begins the work assignment. This will ensure that the student’s work hours will be processed on the student payroll and the student will be paid in a timely manner. The student and supervisor complete the form at the time of employment. The student then delivers the form to Student Financial Services (SFS).

The Request for Work Authorization (pdf) should be completed as follows:

  • Part I
    The student completes the necessary information. If s/he will be working in more than one job, a separate form for each job is required. Agreeing to the conditions of employment, the student must sign the form .
  • Part II
    To be completed by the employer.
  • Part III
    The Student Employment staff authorizes students to work in a position for a specified allotment. This authorization section shows the account to be charged, the student’s total allotment, the pay rate for the assigned job in the department, and the total hours per week authorized. The job’s position number and suffix which connects the job to the departmental payroll time sheet are also shown.

The Student Employment staff will process the RWAF to initiate payment to the student. Once the RWAF is processed both the supervisor and the student will receive confirmation via email that the student may begin working.  Students must not begin working until email confirmation is received.  If students and supervisors do not receive email confirmation, please contact the Student Employment staff for assistance.

A copy is kept in the student’s file, and the remaining copies are sent to the employer and to the student. Upon receipt of the completed supervisor copy, supervisors should verify the authorized information with their records; i.e., correct job title, pay rate, student’s work award and maximum hours per week the student can work. Supervisors should feel free to contact the Student Employment Staff with questions about the authorization process.