Paid Community Service

Photo of Leah in UgandaThe Federal Work-study (FWS) Community Service Program is an opportunity for students who receive FWS awards to earn their work awards. They will experience meaningful work and learning, while providing service to surrounding communities.

Students’ earnings are deducted from their FWS academic year work awards.  Students who hold more than one job, must not exceed their work awards.

Program Requirements

  • Students must work at a non-profit, governmental or community-based organization.  The organization must complete an “Organizational Information Form” and provide a Job Description.
  • The work performed must directly benefit the community in which the organization resides.  It must improve the quality of life for community residents, or solve problems related to their needs.
  • The organization must be willing to pay 25% of the student’s total earnings. The college will fund the remaining 75%.   The student is entered on the college payroll system; the organization is billed at the end of the employment period.
  • The College may fund 100% of a student’s wages when the student works as a literacy tutor for children in pre- or elementary schools.

Other Requirements

  • Students must have I9, W4 and Request for Hire/Work Authorization (RWAF) Forms on file in Student Financial Services.
  • Students should also have Direct Deposit accounts set up at the Payroll Office.
  • Students must submit records of hours worked, verified by the site supervisors, to the SEO by the biweekly payroll deadlines.

Please contact the SEO with questions.

For information about volunteer community service, visit the Center for Social Justice and Community Impact.