State Scholarships/Grants

Massachusetts has reciprocal state scholarship agreements with: Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont. State scholarships awarded to students from these states can receive their scholarships while at Wheaton.

State Scholarships not packaged as part of an initial financial aid award will reduce need based institutional grant aid dollar for dollar. In addition, Wheaton will not replace anticipated state scholarship awards with institutional funds for students who fail to complete the application process.

Students should check with their state scholarship office for specific eligibility information and application deadlines. To maximize the chances of being eligible for state assistance, we recommend that families complete the FAFSA application by the appropriate state deadline.

Gilbert Grants

The Gilbert Grant Program is made up of funds allotted to Wheaton by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Awarded to high-need residents of the state, Gilbert Grants usually range from $500 to $2,500.