Wheaton Grants

The college funds these need-based student grants with general scholarship resources, income from endowed funds, and annual gifts from alumni, parents, and friends. Awards range from $2,000 to $40,000 and need not be repaid. Students may receive institutional funding for a maximum of 8 semesters. Because of the college’s commitment to meeting the needs of first-year and returning students, the availability of Wheaton grant aid is limited for new transfer students.

Recipients of need-based financial aid must reapply each year, providing updated family financial information. To the extent that your family’s financial situation does not change, your award will be consistent from year to year. This means that your Wheaton grant and scholarship funding would be renewed at the same amount from one year to the next. For financial planning purposes, families should expect an increase in comprehensive fees each year in the range of 3-4%. This is not covered by Wheaton’s institutional need-based grant program. Federal Direct Loan limits do increase between the freshman to sophomore and sophomore to junior years, enabling students to cover some of the increase in comprehensive fees through the Federal Direct program loan limits. Academic scholarships and merit awards do not change from one year to the next, and renewal is based on maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Wheaton Work

Student employment at Wheaton is designed to help students defray college expenses and to provide student employment supervisors assistance in carrying out their day-to-day responsibilities in the work place. Aid recipients (those with Federal Work funding) have a campus earnings expectation built into their financial aid awards, and therefore, have priority for campus jobs.

In collaboration with Career Services, the Student Employment Office recommends methods for making the student-supervisor work relationship mutually beneficial and productive. The many and varied available jobs allow students the opportunity to learn valuable skills and personal development which they will find beneficial, now and in the future.

Please visit Student Employment Program for more information.