Tuition charges for degree students are not based on credit hours for courses. While the normal course load is four courses per term, some students are approved by the Committee on Admissions and Academic Standing to take additional courses; extenuating circumstances may justify an occasional request for a reduced course load. Students living on campus are required to pay full tuition regardless of the number of courses they take in a given term.

Students who are within two credits of completing the requirements for graduation and who do not live on campus may request a pro-rated tuition charge; if a student chooses to reside on campus, full tuition will be charged but no restrictions will be placed on the number of courses she or he may take.

Students should be aware that requesting a reduced course load could affect the financial aid they are receiving in the current or future terms. We recommend that any financially aided student petitioning for a reduced course load meet with a Student Financial Services counselor to review the impact on their aid eligibility.