Wheaton administers over $40 million in funds through our academic scholarship, need-based financial aid, and alternative financing programs annually. In order to be considered for need-based funding it is important to meet your financial aid application deadline. Late applicants will be reviewed on a funds-available basis.

Deadlines for applying for need-based financial aid

Application Plan Due Date
Early Decision 1, All Applicants:

Early Decision 2, All Applicants:

Nov. 1

Jan. 1

Early Action, All Applicants: Nov. 1
Transfer Spring, All Applicants: Nov. 1
Regular Decision Fall, Non U.S. Citizens: Jan. 1
Regular Decision Fall, U.S. Citizens, Permanent Residents: Feb. 1
Transfer Fall, All Applicants: Apr. 1
Returning Students: Apr. 20

Please Note:  Late credentials will be accepted and reviewed for funding as resources permit.

These deadlines are required for consideration of need-based financial aid. Students who wish to be considered for academic scholarships only do not need to complete a financial aid application. Academic scholarships require no additional application; recipients are selected from the incoming freshmen applicant pool by the Office of Admission.

New Applicants and Wheaton Students who are applying for financial aid for the first time: Freshman applicants and enrolled Wheaton Students who are applying for financial aid for the first time and wish to be considered for both institutional and federal aid must submit the CSS Profile application, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and parent(s)’ and student’s 2016 federal tax return(s), all pages and schedules, along with employer W-2 forms.  Applicants seeking Federal aid only are not required to submit the CSS Profile form. The FAFSA School code for Wheaton College is 002227. The CSS Profile School code for Wheaton College is 3963. PLEASE NOTE: Wheaton College does NOT participate in the IDOC process. All documents must be sent directly to the Office of Student Financial Services by fax, U.S. Post, or email, by the deadline.

Important: First Time Financial Aid Applicants please note that additional information may be needed in order to determine a student’s eligibility for need based institutional aid. Wheaton requires the 18-19 CSS Profile Business Farm Supplement, and a copy of the most recent business or corporate income tax return if parents are self employed and/or own a business. In addition if a student’s parents are divorced or separated, the CSS Profile is required from the student’s non custodial parent. Please see Applying for Financial Aid When Parents are Divorced or Separated.

Important Information for Returning Wheaton Students:  Wheaton students who completed a CSS Profile for a previous academic year will no longer be required to complete a CSS Profile for subsequent years.  Returning students who wish to reapply for all forms of financial assistance must complete the 2018-2019 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and Wheaton’s 2018-2019 Returning Student Supplemental Financial Aid Application.