An important message regarding data security is that every single person — as a part of the “human factor” of information security — plays an important role when it comes to information security. End-user complacency is no longer an option and awareness and understanding of info security policies and procedures is critical. Heightened awareness and vigilance against constantly evolving and multi-dimensional threats needs to become everyone’s priority. Asking for help or clarification whenever in doubt is always the right thing to do.

You have to remember that you are not only protecting your “data”, you are protecting your “identity”. Once another person has stolen your data… they can become you! Think of what could happen if your wallet is stolen. The thief can take your credit cards to make purchases – which you will have to pay for. Your driver’s license or other ID’s in your wallet can be used to open new credit card accounts, apply for loans, purchase cell phones all for themselves — but in “your name”! Not nice but it happens all the time. Much of the personal information you have in your wallet can also be found on your computer or on someone else’s computer. No matter where it resides it must be protected and it is no longer someone else’s problem.

We have put together some best practices that are easy to understand and follow when thinking about data and equipment security. These are simple, easy, practices to get into the habit of following… here at work and at home. If you require further information or assistance please call Technology Support at x. 3900.

Best Practices for Securing Your Equipment and Data

Best Practices for Removing All Data from Your Equipment before Disposing of It

Keeping Safe While Browsing the Internet

Remember… SEC_RITY is not complete without U!