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Technology FAQs

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Google Apps for Education Information

Scanned documents ending up in Spam folder?
Here are some directions on how to create a filter in your Gmail account so this won’t happen with future scanned documents.

  1. Log into Gmail
  2. Click on the Gear icon on the right then select “Settings”
  3. Select “Filters”
  4. At the bottom of the page select “Create a new filter”
  5. In the “Subject” field copy and paste the following: Scanned from a Xerox Multifunction Printer
    Here’s the example:-
  6. Click “Create Filter with this search”, (if you get a warning prompt about the type of filter you are creating just click “OK”)
  7. On the next screen select “Never Send it to Spam” then click “Create Filter” and you should be all set.

Why do I have so much SPAM?
Learn about Gmail’s automated system that helps detect spam.

How much space does Gmail provide?
Each account is given 25GB of space, which is calculated by the size of your mailbox, and docs.

Are there any keyboard shortcuts?
Click here for a list of keyboard shortcuts.

How can I attach a file to an email?
Click the “paperclip” symbol  located at the bottom of the COMPOSE window,  navigate to the file, and select open. The size of the message must not exceed 25MB.

How can I attach a file larger than 25MB to an email?
If you would like to e-mail a large file to someone on or off campus and your message attempts are being rejected because of the size, consider using our E-ttachments system. The E-ttachments system lets you upload a file up to 200 MB in size and instead of attaching the file to an e-mail message, you can send the recipient a link to download the file from the E-ttachments web site. Click here to log into the E-ttachments system.

You log in with your Wheaton “w” ID and email password. Once inside the site, browse to the file you wish to make available and click the “Upload” button. Once the file uploads successfully it will give you some text you can use to cut and paste into your e-mail message. The text includes a link to download the file along with the date the file will be removed from the server. Uploaded files get removed after one month.

The E-ttachments site also allows you to create a user account for an outside user (ex: bsmith) in case they wish to log in and upload a large file to make available to you.

Can you create a signature?
Within Gmail, click the “gear” icon, mail settings, scroll down to Signature, enter the information you want to have displayed and then click the save button at the bottom of the page.

How do I set an away or vacation message in Gmail?
Once you are logged into Gmail, click the gear icon in the top right hand corner, then select settings, on the General tab, the vacation message feature is located near the bottom. Enter your message there and be sure to hit the save changes button at the bottom

I have configured my Gmail account in Thunderbird, why is my reply at the bottom of the email rather than the top?
To modify the setting to place your reply above the quote, click on the Tools menu, Account Settings, under the account you wish to modify choose Composition and Addressing, and in the center of that window, change the option under “Automatically quote the original message when replying” to Start my reply above the quote, and click Ok.

New Gmail Compose window… bugging you?
You don’t have to have the compose window in the lower-right corner. Simply hold Shift while you click on the Compose button and the compose window will appear in a moveable window in the center of your screen. Alternatively, you can click the pop-out arrow in the compose window if you’ve already started it at lower-right.The pop-out features allows you to keep multiple draft messages open at once, or to minimize drafts while working on a different message, rather than hiding them away in the Drafts folder. You can also search or browse your inbox while having the compose window open.

Can I create a distribution list?
Yes, but within Gmail they are called Groups.
Learn about setting up Groups in Gmail.

What is a label in Gmail?
Gmail uses a term called labels and it is defined as: Labels help you organize your messages into any categories — work, family, to do, read later, jokes, recipes, any category you want. Labels do all the work that folders do, but with an added bonus: you can add more than one to a message. Only you can see your labels, so whether you mark a message with “Best friend” or “Read later,” the sender will never know. If you would like more information about the use of labels in Gmail you can watch this tutorial.

Are messages labeled “Trash” automatically deleted?
Yes, after 30 days messages labeled “Trash” and “SPAM” are automatically deleted. If you do not want this to happen, you must not label the messages “Trash” or “SPAM”.

I already have a personal Gmail account, can I use my personal Gmail credentials to log into my Wheaton account?
No, your Wheaton credentials are independent of any other Google accounts you may have.

My browser is acting funny, where can I delete the cache files?


  • Chrome:
    1. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
    2. Select Tools.
    3. Select Clear browsing data.
    4. In the dialog that appears, select the checkboxes
      for the types of information that you want to remove
    5. Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data
      that you want to delete. Select beginning of time to
      delete everything.
    6. Click Clear browsing data.
  • Firefox:
    1. At the top of the Firefox window, click on the
      Firefox button (Tools menu in Windows XP) and then click
    2. Select the Advanced panel.
    3. Click on the Network tab.
    4. In the Cached Web Content section, click Clear Now
  • IE:
    1. Click Tools, and select Delete Browsing History
    2. Deselect Preserve Favorites website data, and select
      Temporary Internet files, Cookies, and History.
    3. Click Delete.


  • Safari:
    1. Under Safari Menu, select Reset Safari.
    2. Uncheck anything you want to keep (like passwords.
    3. Click Reset button.
  • Firefox:
    1. Under Tools menu, select Clear Recent History
    2. Uncheck anything you want to keep (like passwords
    3. Click Clear Now button.
  • Chrome:
    1. Under Chrome Menu, select Clear Browsing Data
    2. Uncheck anything you want to keep (like passwords.
    3. From the Obliterate… drop down menu, select the
      beginning of time.
    4. Click Clear Browsing Data button.


How do I delete an account in Thunderbird?
Launch Thunderbird, select Tools, and then Account Settings. Once the Account Settings window opens, select the account (on the left side of the window) you want to remove, then select the Account Actions button and choose “Remove Account”.

Mail Merge

Learn how to use  Outlook 2013 to send personalized email to more than 99 recipients.

Google Calendar

Helpful links:

How can I create a shared calendar for my department?
You can contact Technology Support (call 3900 or email to have this Calendar created.

How do I create a “Private” event?
A “private event” is only visible to you and the persons you have given permission to “make changes to events” on your calendar, regardless of how you have shared your calendar. Click on the event and select Edit event details. In the Privacy section, select the Private radio button. Click Save.

What is the Video Call option?
If your computer and the computer of your invited guest has a camera and a mic you can use this option. Learn more about video calls.

Google Sync

Configuring Google Sync

Google Drive

I am leaving Wheaton and I have documents/data in my Google Drive how can I transfer them to someone else before they are deleted
Before you leave and your Wheaton account is deleted please follow these instructions to transfer ownership of this data.

MultiFunction Printers FAQ

Staff and Faculty instructions to install the Xerox MFP on your Wheaton owned computer.


  • Go to “Start” -> “Run” and type in print and hit “Enter”
  • Double click on the queue named “Xerox_Windows” and accept the install for the driver
  • Send your print job to the “Xerox_Windows on print” queue
  • At the Xerox MFP select “Alternate Login” and login with your wID and password (after the first time you login you have the option to enroll your ID card), then find your job and release it


Watch a video tutorial or follow the directions below:

Part One:

  • Go to Finder
  • Click “Go” on the menu bar / “Select a Server” at the bottom of the drop down menu
  • Enter smb:// in the server address box
  • Click Connect
  • Double Click on the Xerox Print Driver
  • Follow the installation directions that pop up
  • When the installation gets to the “Select Printer” screen do not highlight any of the Xerox devices it discovers. Instead, select the “Continue” button. It will ask if you want to proceed without setting up a printer connection, select “Continue” again. If by accident you do highlight a Xerox device that it discovered please exit out of the driver installation program and start over.

Part Two:

  • Go into Apple’s “System Preferences” and select “Print & Scan”
  • Press the “+” button on the left to create a new print queue (Note: you might have to click the lock icon in the bottom left hand corner to make changes first)
  • On the “Add” screen that pops up right mouse click (If you don’t have the option to right mouse click, you can use two fingers then tap on the track pad to bring up the options) on the default icon in the top left corner of the window, and select “Customize Toolbar”…”
  • Drag the “Advanced” icon into the toolbar (the tool bar located at the top of the “Add” screen window, where you right mouse clicked)
  • Click the new “Advanced” option
    • For the “Type” select “Windows printer via spoolss
    • In the “URL” field enter in “smb://”
    • For the “Name” enter in “Xerox”
  • Select “Choose a Driver…”
  • Choose the “Select Software” option
  • Click on the Xerox Work Centre 7970 driver option, even if your Xerox MFP is a different model. This driver works for all Xerox MFP’s on campus.
  • Click Ok
  • Click Add
  • Choose “Options & Supplies”. Click on the “Options” tab, within that options window, choose the pulldown next to “Finisher” and choose “BR Finisher”, click “Ok” to close out of that window.
  • Restart your computer

Part Three:

  • From the Microsoft Word Print Dialog Box (this opens once you try to print a document from Word), Select the third pulldown (usually says “Copies & Pages”)
  • Choose “Xerox Features”
  • Choose drop down next to 2-Sided Printing
  • Select “2-Sided printing”
  • Choose drop down next to Presets
  • Select “Save Current Settings as Preset…”
  • Name it “Duplex”
  • Click Ok

I am a Wheaton Student, how can I print to the Xerox MFP?
Learn about printing options for Students

What Xerox MFPs can I use?
Staff and Faculty can use any Xerox MFP. Students have access to all public printers (located in the library, Kollett Center, and outside of the Language Lab in Meneely). If a student is working in a department they must use the department’s ID card to use that department’s MFP.

Can I print in color at a color Xerox MFP as a Staff or Faculty member?
There are a few color MFPs on campus located in various departments. Staff and faculty can print in color at those locations.

Can I print in color at a color Xerox MFP as a Student?
Learn about color copy and printing options for students.

How do I Scan?

  • At the Xerox MFP select “Alternate Login” and login with your wID and password (after the first time you login you have the option to enroll your ID card).
  • By default you land in the printing area, click the “Services Home” button to get to the top level.
  • Click the “Email” option
  • Click the “Add me…” button to add your email address to the “To:” field
  • Place your document in the top feeder and select the “Start” button. The file will be sent to you as an email attachment (Note: It could end up in your Gmail spam folder so be sure you look there if it is not in your INBOX. If it does end up in your spam folder be sure to mark it NOT SPAM so it will not end up there again).
    Note, you can also find other Wheaton email addresses using the Address Book feature.

Who do I contact if there is a problem with the MFP?
Contact Office and Campus Mail Services at extension 3836 (508-286-3836).

How do I use my Wheaton ID card to log into the Xerox MFP?
At the Xerox MFP select “Alternate Login” and login with your wID and password. There is an option on the screen that says “Enroll”, press the “Enroll” button, now you should wave your ID card over the prox reader. The screen will tell you that your card is enrolled. Once enrolled, the next time you want to log into any Xerox MFP all you will have to do is wave your ID card over the prox reader!

Once I submit my print job to the new Xerox MFPs how long will I to print it out?
Print jobs will expire every 24 hours. Once a job expires you will need to resubmit again.

How do I Scan Receipts for Wells Fargo?

Scan receipts using the automatic document feeder

  1. Make sure you have printed your cover sheet from the Wells Fargo system. Include that as your first receipt
  2. Log into the MFP
  3. Select “Services Home button”
  4. Select the “Email button”
  5. Under the “Favorites” tab, select “Wells Fargo” and then hit OK
  6. Now place your receipts into the manual feeder, face up, and hit the green button. Please be aware of small receipts, packing slips, or staples. These types of documents will not go through the manual feeder and you should follow the instructions below to use the glass to scan them

Scan receipts that will not feed through the automatic document feeder

  1. Make sure you have printed your cover sheet from Wells Fargo system. Include that as your first receipt
  2. Log into the MFP
  3. Select “Services Home button”
  4. Lift cover
  5. Select “Email button”, then select “Favorites” and then select “Wells Fargo” and hit “OK”
  6. Select “Job Assembly button”
  7. Click on “Build Job” and select the “On button” (DO NOT HIT OK YET)
  8. Place the first receipt to be scanned face down on the glass and press the “Green button” as if you were scanning a single page
  9. Replace/turn over the document to scan the next page and press the “Green button”
  10. Repeat as necessary
  11. Hit the “Submit Job button” on the screen when all your documents have been scanned
  12. You will momentarily see a “Processing Job” screen and your job will send at that time
  13. Hit the “Log Out button” and hit “Confirm Logout”

Are any of the Xerox multifunction devices ADA accessible?
Yes. There is an ADA accessible Xerox device located in the library’s atrium. Here’s a link to the user guide.

Where can I go to learn more about my Xerox MFP?
Here are some links to videos you can watch that will demonstrate everything from features to do-it-yourself maintenance like clearing paper jams. Just click on the model you want to learn more about!

How do I copy both sides of an ID Card onto one side?

  • Press the [ID Card Copy] button on the Control Panel. “Place Front Side and Press Start” will be displayed on the Display Screen.
  • Place the ID card on the Document (Scanner) Glass, with the first side to be copied facing down. The ID card should be centered in the left half of the glass, with the short edge of the card facing the front of the machine.
  • Press the [Start] button to copy the first side of the ID card. After the scanning has completed, “Place Back Side and Press Start” will be displayed.
  • Turn the ID card over and place it in the same location on the Document Glass again, with the second side to be copied facing down.
  • Press the [Start] button. The second side of the ID card will be scanned, and the copy of both sides of the card will be printed.

How do I set finishing features such as staple, single-sided, etc. for document?

  • Features for print jobs require that the print drivers be installed on the computer. To utilize and set features you must open the document at one of the computer stations in the library.
  • Open e-mailed document at computer station in library.
  • Choose File-Print
  • Choose Printer Properties
  • For Single-sided document
    • Choose Layout tab
    • Duplex – Off
  • For Staple
    • Choose Finishing tab
    • Stapler – Stapler Mode:
  • Choose OK

How do I stop an MFP is spitting out pages of gibberish?

  • Save the doc as a pdf and send it to print.
  • Wheaton does not support “Pages” – Wheaton students can request a Microsoft Office 365 account from Tech Support

Why won’t the document I created in “Pages” print?
Shut MFP down completely, wait a couple minutes, re-boot the MFP.

Can the new MFPs scan documents into a text searchable pdf?
Yes, just select searchable in the scan options as you set up your scan job.

How do I use different paper from what is normally loaded in machine?

  • The paper drawers in the public printers are defaulted for specific weight and size.
    • Drawer 1 – 20LB 11×17
    • Drawer 2 – 20LB 8.5×14
    • Drawer 3 & 4 – 20LB 8.5×11
  • Use the bypass tray (choose Tray 5) for paper that is not loaded in the drawers
    • Example – 11X17 Blue paper that is kept at the reference desk, for a specific student, should be loaded in the bypass tray for printing

The MFP continues to give an error code even after clearing jam.

  • Check all paper drawers to make sure paper guides are tightly in place.
  • Make sure that the document size matches up to the corresponding size in the paper drawer.
  • Please report this issue, if you can not resolve it.
  • Call Office and Campus Mail Services at extension 3836 (508-286-3836).

Where do I get paper and toner for my MFP?
The only place to order these supplies from is Office Services. Fill out the online form to request supplies. Contact them at ext. 3836
How do I make a copy?

  • At the Xerox MFP select “Alternate Login” and login with your wID and password (after the first time you login you have the option to enroll your ID card).
  • By default you land in the printing area, click the “Services Home” button to get to the top level.
  • Click the “Copy” button and proceed

How do I Scan to a Network Shared Folder?

  • At the Xerox MFP select “Alternate Login” and login with your wID and password (after the first time you login you have the option to enroll your ID card).
  • By default you land in the printing area, click the “Services Home” button to get to the top level.
  • Click the “Workflow Scanning” option
  • Select the appropriate destination for your scanned document (ex: “lis”) then place your document into the top feeder and select the “Start” button. Your document will land in the “scanning” -> “library_information_services_scanning” folder in the shared volume on

How will student employees use department MFPs when required to copy, print, or scan for the department??

  • All departments will be issued one departmental account and one ID Card. This card contains the login user ID and password. If lost and needs to be replaced please contact Public Safety with the account name and one will be created for you. The new card will cancel out the old card and the old card will not be able to be used again. If you do not remember the account name or if you need a departmental student worker account and copy card please contact Tech Support. ALL NEW CARDS MUST ENROLLED BEFORE USING (directions can be found in this FAQ section)

How do I retrieve an incoming fax on my Xerox MFP?
Log into netspace.wheatonma.edushared and navigate to the “Faxing” folder. Once inside the “Faxing” folder you should navigate to your specific Xerox. The Xerox’s are listed by fax number and then location, double click the appropriate Xerox and your fax will be within that folder.

How do I receive assistance with printing or scanning to an MFP?
Please call Tech Support, at ext. 3900

Microsoft Quick Reference Guides

Need to know about new features in Microsoft Office 2010? Need to know how to make a pivot table in Excel? Check out our Quick Reference Guides available to you for viewing online or to print out.