Viruses, Spyware / Malware and Pop-Ups, and Phishing

We all get them! Those pesky viruses! Just keeping your virus software up to date may not be enough. We all need to stay in touch with what viruses could be coming our way and if they are a “real” threat or just a hoax.

We in Technology Support hope this page will be invaluable to you. It will contain important information on virus threats and hoaxes as well as links to sites where you can get up to the minute information and directions on how to get rid of them. See below for What’s brewing? What’s not? Click on a link and LEARN!

Please note – Call x3900 before removing any files from your computer – removing the wrong file may damage your operating system and as a result crash your computer!

The College uses an Anti-virus and Malware Suite called ESET Nod32, for more information and some helpful tips, click here

It is extremely important that you keep your personal computer up to date with the latest operating system and anti-virus patches.