How do I connect to the Communications share?

Connecting From Windows

* Single right mouse click on My Computer and select Map Network Drive…
* For the drive letter select W:
* For the folder enter in \\\communications
* Click on the link labeled Connect using a different username
* In the User Name field enter in WC\wXXXXXXXX and replace wXXXXXXXX with your Wheaton w ID.
* In the Password field enter in your email password
* Select OK then Finish

Connecting From Macintosh OSX

* From the Finder menu select the Go heading then select Connect to Server…
* In the Server Address: field enter in smb:// then select Connect
* In the Workgroup or Domain field enter in WC
* In the Name field enter in your Wheaton w ID using a lowercase w
* In the Password field enter your Wheaton password and click OK