Typical email messages usually cross unencrypted network paths in their journey. We have partnered with Zixcorp to allow a designated list of Wheaton members to send out encrypted email. Here are the steps you need to follow if you would like to send out an encrypted message …..

    1. If you are new to this encrypted email service, submit a request to the Technical Support staff (support@wheatoncollege.edu) and ask to be added to the list of users allowed to send out encrypted email. Do not proceed any further until you have received confirmation that your email address has been added to the allowed-senders list.
    2. Log into Gmail and compose a new message, make sure you are using your official Wheaton address in the “From:” field (ex: lastname_firstname@wheatoncollege.edu), addresses using the old style usernames ex: bgibson or @wheatonma.edu will not be encrypted.
    3. Somewhere in the subject of the message you must include the word “zixencrypt”, that is the trigger used by Gmail/Zixcorp to send the message through an encrypted path.
    4. Make sure the body of the message contains some amount of text, if not the Zixcorp servers will bounce the message back as spam.
    5. Send your email message.

If the recipient is already a Zixcorp customer your message will land in their Inbox and it will contain a blue banner stating that the message was encrypted.

If the recipient is not a Zixcorp customer they will receive a message with a link to Wheaton’s Zixcorp portal where they will setup a username and password. Once they setup an account they can log into the Wheaton Zixcorp portal and view your message and, optionally, send you an encrypted message back.