A Reference Guide to Understand, Review and Record Connections

What are they?

Wheaton’s unique Connections program provides an exciting way to explore different areas of knowledge and different approaches to problems. Wheaton students must take either one 3-course Connection or one 2-course Connections.  Courses are connected across any two of six academic areas: creative arts, humanities, history, math and computer science, natural sciences, and social sciences.

Where are they?

Approved Connections
A list and descriptions are available through the Course Catalog. Connections are designated by number and title.

Student-Initiated Connections
Students are also invited to discover their own linked courses, and to approach the faculty and propose a Connection. Students are encouraged to think about possible connections early on, though many will prefer to fulfill this requirement in their sophomore year.

How do we track them?

Approved Connections
Once you select a Connection that you plan to work on, we urge you to inform the Office of the Registrar by filling out the Connection Form through insideWheaton.  By reporting your Connection, (you are not obligated to complete it; you may certainly change your mind) your selection will be reflected on your degree audit.  In this way, you and your advisor have the ability to track your progress toward degree completion.

Student-Initiated Connections
Or you may decide to create your own Connection.  If this is your choice, be sure to complete the proposal form in a timely manner.  Refer to the academic calendar on the Web for the specific deadline date for proposals each semester.

The Student-Initiated Connection (pdf) form is available in the Office of the Registrar, on our web page and on the Connections web page.  Connection declaration instructions can be found on the Connections webpage.

If you have any questions regarding Connections, please contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance.