Registration information for students returning from study abroad

Students on an approved study away program who plan to return to campus the following semester have the opportunity to register for courses during the published course selection period.

Information about registration will be emailed to your Wheaton email account approximately three to four weeks prior to registration week. A few of the highlights are here for your reference.

As always, your preparation for registration should include reviewing your transcript, your CAPP degree audit, and the on-line Schedule of Courses. Your transcript and CAPP audit are available through insideWheaton.

You should also insure that your account is paid in full as this could prohibit you from registering. You can view your account status on WINDOW via insideWheaton. You can also view any other holds that may be attached to your record by selecting View Holds from the Student Records menu item. If you have questions about your account, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services at

As usual, your Wheaton ID and Password are required for initial access to insideWheaton; however, in order to facilitate the process, you will not be required to use a registration PIN. If you have forgotten your insideWheaton password, you have the ability to reset it by correctly answering your security question. If you have forgotten the answer, we cannot reset your password via the telephone or email.

If you register through insideWheaton, your appointment time (remember, this is “Wheaton time”) will be indicated in the email, however, for your convenience, we are making several registration options available to you.





Office of the Registrar
Wheaton College
Norton, MA 02766


Click on the Registration Tab or WINDOW

We realize that you will not be able to consult with your advisor at during course selection; however, you will have an opportunity to do so during the registration change period at the beginning of the semester.