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What are Connections?

Wheaton’s unique Connections program provides an exciting way to explore different areas of knowledge and different approaches to problems.  Courses are connected across any two or three of six academic areas: creative arts, humanities, history, math and computer science, natural science, and social sciences.  We have two types of Connections – faculty approved which are designated with a number and title.  Descriptions for these existing Connections are available through the Course Catalog. The second type is the Student-initiated Connection which is created individually by a student’s proposal.

How many Connections do I need to graduate?

You need one 3-course Connection or one 2-course Connections.  Some Connections offer the choice of completing a 2 or 3-course Connection.  Read the descriptions carefully for the possible combinations.

Where can I find a list of all the approved Connections?

A list is available from several sites.  One way to view all Connections either as a list or with descriptions is from the Course Catalog.  Another is to select Course Schedule from Quicklinks which retrieves the on-line catalog, course schedule, and a list of Connections.

When I’m registering for classes, how can I know if a course is part of a Connection?

When using the on-line Search Schedule, the last column (CONX) on the page indicates if a course is part of one or more Connections.  The four digit number refers to the Connection number. If you click on this four-digit number, it will bring you to a description of the Connection and associated courses.

May I substitute a course in an existing Connection?

All faculty approved or existing Connections must be completed as specified in the catalog.  If you would like to substitute a course for one included in an existing Connection, you would have to propose a Student-Initiated Connection.

Do I have to register for or declare my Connections anywhere?

Once you select a Connection that you plan to work on, are working on or have already completed, we urge you to inform the Office of the Registrar.  The declaration form can found on the Student tab on insideWheaton. By reporting your Connection (you are not obligated to complete it; you may certainly change your mind) your selection will be reflected on your degree audit (CAPP).  In this way, you and your advisor have the ability to track your progress toward degree completion.

Is there a deadline for declaring an existing or faculty initiated Connection?

No.  There is no deadline for declaring existing Connections.  However, graduating seniors should inform the Office of the Registrar no later than the beginning of the semester in which they plan to graduate.  We need to know which Connection(s) you plan to or have completed in order to clear you for graduation.

How do I change a Connection if I have already declared it in the Office of the Registrar?

Simply complete a new connection declaration form on insideWheaton.  Let the staff person receiving the form know that this

Connection replaces another.  In that way, we will remove the previous Connection from your degree audit.

Do all the courses in a Connection have to be taken in the same semester or even in consecutive semesters?

No, they do not.

What are Student-initiated Connections?

As an alternative to the existing Connections, you are also invited to discover your own linked courses, and to approach the faculty to propose a Connection.  Start thinking about these Connections early since there are strict guidelines and a deadline for written proposals.  You will need syllabi from all the courses, faculty approval and a written essay in which you identify the inter-connections

Is there a deadline for proposing a Student-initiated Connection?

Yes.  Each semester, the deadline for consideration is the “last day to drop a course without record”.  This deadline date is posted to the academic calendar for each semester.  We strongly urge you not to wait until the last moment of the deadline.  Remember this is a proposal; there is no guarantee that the Committee on Educational Policy will approve your proposal.

Are there other general restrictions on Connections?

You may not use courses taken off-campus or through transfer credit to fulfill a Connection. And you may not use the Pass/Grade/Fail option for any course intended to fulfill a Connection.  Additionally, the First Year Seminar may not normally be used to fulfill the Connections requirement.

If my question is not addressed here, what should I do?

Stop in to the Office of Registrar located in the Doll’s House, Monday through Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.  A staff person will be happy to answer any questions that you have about Connections or other aspects of our curriculum.

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