Transcripts on Demand

Wheaton College and Scrip-Safe International have partnered together to provide our students, former students and alums with access to “Transcripts on Demand”, an online transcript ordering system which provides 24/7 access to transcript ordering. This process is completely secure.

Transcripts may be delivered either through Scrip-Safe’s Global Electronic Transcript Delivery Network or by traditional U.S. mail.

You may pay for your transcript via credit card (Visa, Master Card or Discover). Transcripts on Demand uses the most current security available to protect your credit card and personal information.

You can check the status of your transcript request at any time by logging on to Transcripts on Demand and clicking on the “Review Past Orders” tab. You will also receive email notifications of your order status.

Request Procedures

Current students can access “Transcripts on Demand” through the link provided on insideWheaton. The first time you use this service you will set up your account with “Transcripts on Demand”. You will provide your current/former names, address, student ID, and other information. You will be able to log in to your account and update your information whenever you need.

Former students and alums will go to The first time you use this service, it will be necessary to establish an account. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act requires your signature in order to release your academic record. You will be required to complete and sign a Consent Form and send it to Scrip-Safe by fax, mail or image upload. This Consent Form is created as part of the account set-up process and your signed copy will remain on file with Scrip-Safe to cover your future Wheaton College transcript requests through Scrip-Safe.

If you attended Wheaton College prior to January 1985, we are unable to provide transcripts for electronic delivery. However, you may still use this service to request paper copies for U.S. postal delivery.

Please note that all financial obligations must be cleared before any transcript request will be honored.

Transcript Services and Fees

Electronic transcripts

  • Only available through “Transcripts on Demand”
  • Normally processed within one business day
  • Fee – $6.00 per request

Paper transcripts

  • Available through “Transcripts on Demand” or a written request
  • Normally processed within three business days
  • Fees – $8.00 per copy to each unique recipient, i.e. each addressee
    • $5.00 for additional copies to a single address
  • Delivery method:
    • U.S. Postal Service
    • Fax – Faxed transcripts are not considered official. For same day faxing, the order must be placed by noon. The transcript will be faxed by 4:00 p.m.
    • Personal Pick Up – For same day pick-up, the order must be placed by noon. The transcript will be ready for pick-up by 4:00 p.m. Note – our office closes at 4:30 p.m.

Written requests

We strongly recommend that you use “Transcripts on Demand” to request a transcript but if you mail or fax a written request, it must include:

  • Your name (currently and at time of attendance)
  • Class year or dates of attendance
  • Number of copies
  • A complete address where the transcript should be sent
  • Your current address
  • Phone number where you can be reached in case of any questions
  • Your signature
  • The transcript fee


Contact us at:
Office of the Registrar
Wheaton College
Norton, MA 02766
Phone: 508 286 8247
Fax: 508 286-8276