Exam Code

Reference the Exam Schedule to determine when exams are scheduled.


Course Registration Number, the 5 digit number used to register.


M = Monday, T = Tuesday, W = Wednesday, R = Thursday, F = Friday


BHCC – Balfour-Hood Campus Center
KNAP – Knapton Hall
MARS – Mars Arts & Humanities
SCMARS – Mars Center for Science & Technology
MARYLY – Mary Lyon Hall
MENE – Meneely
SCIENC – Science Center
WATSON – Watson Fine Arts

Limits, Restrictions

Information regarding course limits and restrictions is listed under the title of the course. If entry into a course is not permitted due to a restriction, another course should be selected. If a course is full and a waitlist is created, inclusion on the waitlist is an option. The WW (Web Waitlisted) designation on a schedule does not indicate registration in the course; students may try to add the course during Drop/Add or obtain the permission of the instructor. Keep in mind that faculty have the option of dropping from the roster any student who does not attend the first class meeting.