In their first year, students will be evaluated in each course at the mid-semester point; any first-year student whose work is unsatisfactory (below C level) at that time will receive a course warning, which obliges the student to meet with his or her instructor immediately. Warnings are not a part of a student’s permanent record, but provide an opportunity for students to remedy academic deficiencies at a point when positive results are still possible. Upperclass students may also receive warnings, although instructors are not required to submit warnings for these students.

Any student who has been excessively absent may also receive a mid-semester excessive absence notification. A student receiving such a notice should meet immediately with the instructor to determine the impact of those absences on their grade and the probability of successful completion of the course, and to resolve any registration errors.

Any student may also receive mid-semester commendations, identifying that the work they have completed, to date, is of exceptional quality. Students receiving commendations are urged to meet with their instructors and advisors to discuss further work in this area.

Mid-Semester Notices

U – Unsatisfactory (below C quality) work

X – Excessive absences

E – Exceptional (A level) work