Good Standing and Normal Progress

To remain in good standing a student must maintain at least a 2.00 (C) cumulative average, maintain at least a 2.00 (C) average in courses in their major, and maintain normal progress toward the degree. Normal progress requires that a student fall no more than two credits behind his or her class standing. Class standing is defined as follows:

Sophomore standing 8 course credits
Junior standing 16 course credits
Senior standing 24 course credits

Failure to meet any of these criteria normally results in the student’s being placed on academic probation. A student who fails to regain normal good standing after one semester may be subject to suspension or dismissal by the Committee on Academic Standing. If a student demonstrates exceptionally poor academic performance, the college may suspend that student immediately, rather than first placing the student on academic probation. First-time probationary students are considered in conditional good standing and remain eligible for financial aid. (For students receiving federal financial aid, please refer to the Student Aid section for more specific information on the relationship between good academic standing and the aid award.)