Instructions for submitting mid-semester notices

All faculty are required to submit low grade warnings for First Year students who are not doing satisfactory work by the published deadline each semester.

Guidelines for Submitting Low Grade Warnings

Indicate with a ‘U’ from the pull down menu all work below C quality. First Year students receiving warnings will be instructed to meet with you about their work in your course. Those receiving more than one warning will also be expected to meet with their faculty advisor and will be reviewed by the Committee on Academic Standing.
Upper-class students flagged for unsatisfactory work will be notified by the Filene Center that they should meet with you as soon as possible. Please flag any student with whom you have not been able to meet about their work.
If you wish to advise any student after the mid semester date that they are in academic difficulty, you must use the WISe feature available from your class list.

Guidelines for Submitting Exceptional Notices

If you believe a First Year student’s work is sufficiently exceptional (A level) that you want to alert the student and her/his advisor that continued work at this level would yield an outstanding grade, please indicate exceptional work with an ‘E’ from the pull down menu. Advisors will also use this information to encourage students in discussion of possible major areas of interest.

Guidelines for Submitting Excessive Absences Notices

If a student has been excessively absent from your course or if you suspect that the student has “unofficially” dropped the course, please indicate excessive absences with an ‘X’ from the pull down menu.

  1. Click on insideWheaton from the Wheaton homepage.
  2. Log in using your Wheaton ID and your Wheaton email password.
  3. Click on Faculty & Staff tab.
  4. Click on the WINDOW folder.
  5. Click on Faculty Services.
  6. Click on Class List.
  7. Select the term (e.g. Fall 2018) and click on Submit Term.
  8. From the pull down menu, select the CRN for the course that you want and click on Submit CRN.
  9. From the pull down menu, enter one of the three codes.  Comments may be entered as well.  Your comments will be reflected in the email to the student, advisors and student success
  10. advisors.
  11. To submit a notice/comments for another student in this course, click Return to Student List located at the bottom of the page.
  12. To submit a notice/comments in another course, click CRN Selection at the bottom of the page.