Instructions for submitting final grades

  1. From your web browser, navigate to
  2. Log In to insideWheaton.
  3. Click on the WINDOW folder
  4. Click on Faculty Services
  5. Click Term Selection
  6. Select the current semester from the pull-down menu
  7. Click CRN Selection
  8. From the pull-down menu, select the course that you plan to grade.
  9. Click on “Final Grades”
    (In May, we provide two menu options: Final Grades for Seniors and Final Grades for all other students)
  10. Enter your grades and Submit them often. There is a 15 minute time limit on the screen. If you exceed the 15 minute limit without submitting your grades, you will be logged off, and your grades will not be recorded
  11. Once you have finished the grade sheet, you may click on “CLICK HERE for final grade confirmation”, in order to print a copy for your records
  12. Click on Menu or Return to Menu
  13. Click on CRN Selection from the Faculty Services Menu and return to number 8 above