For guidelines relative to the circumstances when to approve an incomplete for a student, refer to Incompletes.

You may assign an Incomplete when submitting final grades for a semester.

From your web browser, navigate to

Log In to insideWheaton

  1. Click on the WINDOW folder
  2. Click on Faculty Services
  3. Click Term Selection
  4. Select the term (e.g. Fall 2017) from the pull-down menu
  5. Click CRN Selection
  6. From the pull-down menu, select the course that you plan to grade. Submit
  7. Click on “Final Grades” to retrieve the Final Grade Worksheet
    (In May, we provide two menu options: Final Grades for Seniors and Final Grades for all other students)
  8. Enter the Incomplete ( I ) from the pull down menu as you would any grade. When all grades are recorded, press Submit.
  9. On the Incomplete Final Grades page, notice the MUST BE COMPLETED! column. Click on “Required” next to the student’s name.
  10. If you have more than one student with an incomplete in this course, you must click on Return to Student Gradesheet and follow the steps outlined above.
  11. When you have completed the detailed instructions for all the incompletes in this course, you must click on Return to Student Gradesheet.
    On this page, you must complete the following fields:

    • Select an Option: Specify one choice from the pull down menu
    • Work to be Completed: Free text field to more fully explain what the student must complete.
    • Date Due back to Faculty: Specify the date when the student’s materials must be returned to you.
    • Return by: Free text field to specify how the completed work must be returned to you.
    • Comments: Optional field. You do not have to populate this field.
    • Submit.
  12. You will return to the Incomplete Final Grades page. You MUST click on Submit to complete the process.
  13. You will return to the Final Grade Worksheet. Notice the check off next to Grades Successfully Processed.
  14. Once completed, an email will be sent to the student, his/her advisors, the Advising Center and the Office of the Registrar. You will also receive a copy.