To calculate for a desired cumulative GPA

1. Add the courses in progress for the current term to the GPA hours. Only use the courses that will be used in the calculation, i.e. no Pass/Fail courses.

2. Multiply the new GPA hours by the desired cum. In this case, 3.50. The result is the total number of quality points needed.

3. From this total subtract the existing “quality points”. The result is the number of quality points needed this term.

4. Divide this number by the courses in progress. Same number used in step 1. The result is the GPA needed that term.

For example, using these figures as they would appear as the cumulative totals on an academic transcript, this is how to figure it.

Attempted Hours:

Passed Hours:

Earned Hours:

GPA Hours: 19.50

Quality Points: 66.68

GPA: 3.41

Courses in progress: 4

Desire cum GPA: 3.50

1. 4 + 19.50 = 23.5

2. 23.5 x 3.50 = 82.25

3. 82.25 – 66.68 = 15.57

4. 15.57 / 4 = 3.89

You would need a 3.89 average for the semester to achieve an overall 3.50 GPA.