How do I submit a work order?

The Physical Plant work order form is located in the list of services on the Welcome page of insideWheaton.  Wheaton’s work order system is provided on-line under the SchoolDude label and is administered by the Physical Plant office.  Your submitted work order is dispatched to the appropriate shop or service through the Physical Plant Office.

When should I submit a work order?

A work order should be submitted for all NON-emergency requested work or tasks, such as moving a file cabinet, maintenance-related repairs and painting,  transferring records to storage, etc.  If you have questions, or need assistance, call Erin MacKenzie in the Physical Plant office at ext. 3880.

What if my request is an emergency?

If you are experiencing an emergency issue, you can call the Physical Plant office at ext. 3880 to state your problem.  The Physical Plant office will then contact the appropriate shop for response.  Typical issues that fit this emergency category include loss of electricity, clogged toilet or leaking or flooding water.

I sent in a work order awhile ago and the work order has not been completed. How do I follow up?

You can log on to the Wheaton Work Order site and check current status of any work orders that you have submitted.  If you have questions regarding the status of a work order, you can call Erin MacKenzie in the Physical Plant office at ext. 3880.