The Grounds Department’s primary responsibility is maintaining the Wheaton campus, including athletic fields. While their main activity is mowing over 50 acres of grass and planting and caring for trees, shrubs, and flowers, the department is also responsible for snow and ice removal and sanding during the winter months. Additional tasks include rubbish and recycling pick-up, pest control, maintaining a fleet of 17 vehicles and over 100 pieces of equipment, moving furniture and supplies, cleaning drains and gutters, and providing jump-starts to motorists in need. During the summer, Grounds hires several temporary workers (often students) to supplement the regular staff.

Some members of the department have pesticide licenses and some are certified in pressurized water fire extinguisher maintenance. Most department employees have hydraulic equipment licenses.

Little-known activities include maintaining the Wheaton family graves at the Norton Common Cemetery (including special flowers on Commencement Day), locating and retrieving alumni time capsules during Commencement/Reunion weekend, and inspecting and maintaining over 600 fire extinguishers.

Requests for service may be made by submitting a work order through the Welcome page of insideWheaton.

Everyone’s four-legged friend!
Dee Dogg joined the Wheaton community in the summer of 1998. Dee was a border collie specially trained in humanely chasing geese away from campus by land or by Peacock Pond. Dee, born in North Carolina, was cared for by one of the Grounds Workers at his home. Dee Dogg is fondly remembered by many on campus!