The Building Trades Group consists of three departments who are responsible for maintenance and repair of buildings campus-wide. These are the Carpenters, Painters and Locksmith.

The Carpenters repair and maintain buildings. Their tasks range from screening repairs, to roofing, to glazing, to renovation and repair projects.

The Painters are responsible for campus painting and finishing requirements. They are primarily involved with inside work, but also handle exterior projects as necessary. During the summer and winter breaks, they enlist the help of several students to address the increased volume of work at those times.

The Locksmith maintains and repairs all doors and their hardware and works with an assistant in the Physical Plant Office to manage the issuing of keys and the control of door locks. This is vital to security for faculty and staff, as well as for students.

Requests for service may be made by submitting a work order through the Welcome page of insideWheaton.