Starting November 1, 2013, began applying state sales tax to all purchase orders shipped to Massachusetts. In order to avoid paying the sales tax on purchases made with the college p-card, requires that purchasers enroll in the Amazon Tax Exemption Program.   Please follow the steps below to enroll.

Please note that the college’s tax exempt status does not apply to purchases made with  personal funds, even if these purchases are for valid business purposes.

Enroll in the Amazon Tax Exempt Program

To enroll in the program, Wheaton community members should create an profile exclusively for college purchases, if they do not have one already, using their Wheaton College e-mail address.   It is recommended that the Account Name be in the format of “Wheaton College c/o {insert your name}”.  Creating a separate college business account ensures that only college business-related purchases receive the tax exemption.

If you already have an account with your Wheaton e-mail address that is used exclusively for business purposes, you can change the name on the account as follows:

  • Sign into Amazon
  • Go to “Your Account”
  • Go to “Settings” area of the page
  • Click on “Change Account Settings”
  • Click the Edit button next to Name
  • Change the account name “Wheaton College c/o Your Name”
  • Account Email should be your Wheaton College email address
  • Click “Done”

The profile used for college purchases cannot have the same email address login as an account used for personal purchases.

Uploading the Sales Tax Exemption Certificate to

Click on the link below for the college’s Massachusetts tax exempt certificate and save it to your computer or a folder on the shared directory.   You will need this file for the next step.
Tax Exempt Certificate for Uploading (PDF)

Once your college account is set up or updated, the Wheaton College Tax Exemption Certificate should be uploaded on this webpage.  You may also get to this page as follows:

  • Sign into Amazon
  • Go to “Your Account”
  • Go to “Settings” area of the page
  • Click on “Amazon Tax Exempt Program”

Please read the information provided by Amazon and then upload the tax exempt certificate using the “Browse” button at the bottom of the screen and selecting the tax exempt certificate downloaded to computer earlier.

Click the box to indicate you have read accepted the Amazon’s Terms & Conditions and click on the Upload button.  You should receive a message indicating that you have successfully uploaded the tax exempt information.

Once uploaded, may require 3-5 days to validate the tax-exempt account.   You can check on the status by returning to this page.

If purchases are made through from another supplier, you must provide that supplier with a copy of the certificate. In such cases, please reach out to the supplier directly before proceeding with your order on

Exempt Certificate Approval or Rejection

Upon review by Amazon, you will receive an e-mail indicating whether the tax exemption has been approved or not.

Example of approval notification:

Thanks for submitting your document for enrollment in our Tax Exemption Program.

Your exemption status in Massachusetts has successfully been activated. However, in some instances, your tax exempt status may not update immediately.

You can view your Amazon Tax Exemption status by returning to the Amazon Tax Exemption Program section of Your Account ( Here you’ll see a list of the current status of tax exemptions that we’ve processed. The Amazon Tax Exemption Program only applies to future purchases made directly from LLC or Amazon Digital Services, Inc., and ordered via an customer account. Sales tax may still be charged on items ordered from other sellers that list products for sale on

If you continue to see sales tax on your orders from LLC or Amazon Digital Services, Inc. in the states where you have active exemptions, please let us know by contacting us at:

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Maintaining Exemption Status

The Amazon exemption status will remain active until the expiration of Wheaton ‘s MA tax exemption certificate.   To retain the tax exemption, you must submit an updated exemption certificate before the expiration of the current certificate.  The Expiration dates (where applicable) are listed in the Amazon database so before the certificate expires, Amazon will send you an email reminder to update the certificate.

Requesting a Tax Refund

You can request a tax refund for products sold by LLC, Amazon Digital Services, Inc., or sold by other sellers and fulfilled by Amazon. Learn more about Requesting a Tax Refund.

Creating a separate college purchasing profile, with the exemption certificate, will ensure that the sales tax is not applied to college business purchases.

To learn more about the Tax Exemption Program (ATEP), please see Amazon’s Frequently Asked Questions.