The Business Services Office administers the Banner purchasing system and purchasing policies of the college. Our mission is to maintain an ongoing comprehensive plan for making departmental procurement options increasingly convenient, effective, competitive and environmentally sensitive. Our role is also to develop a coordinated set of recommendations for realizing major campus-wide cost savings and to leverage the college’s overall purchasing power along with assisting in the negotiation of favorable and competitive contracts.

We are happy to provide support and act as a resource to departmental purchasers for obtaining the best possible price, value and service. Our office maintains vendor catalogs and competitive price information which can be useful in making decisions on price, selection and vendor services for meeting departmental needs.

The college is a member of several higher education purchasing consortia that have contracts with many local and national suppliers. The pricing schedules from the consortia are very competitive, borrowing from the purchasing power of many institutions. Should you have a question or need assistance in making a purchasing decision, please feel free to contact Business Services at Ext. 3438.

Policies and Guidelines
Purchasing Consortium Memberships

E&I (Educational and Institutional Cooperative Purchasing)
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MHEC (Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium)