The Council on Inclusion and Diversity (CID) is the successor to PACIE and seeks to engage the entire Wheaton College community in the important work related to diversity and inclusion. We recognize that all members of the community are responsible for fostering an inclusive environment on campus and preparing our students for an increasingly diverse world. The CID is a campus-wide leadership team made up of students, faculty and staff with a mission of providing strategic leadership in the areas of inclusion and diversity. Our goal is to create a community that is welcoming and supportive of each of its members.

The CID has identified three themes that will guide its work:

People: The CID will work to foster increased diversity among faculty, staff and students.

Environment: The CID will strive to create an environment on campus that embraces the rights of all to a safe place to work, study and live, and that challenges all members of the community to grow in our understanding and appreciation of our diversity.

Beyond campus:  While strengthening and celebrating the diversity within our own community, we will also seek to connect with issues around diversity and inclusion in the world outside of Wheaton.

The CID will seek to lead the dialogue on campus and improve the campus climate through these and other initiatives:

  • Hosting an MLK Interfaith Service
  • Supporting BSA events for Black History Month
  • Faculty forums on classroom challenges
  • Funding opportunities for faculty and staff diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Campus climate assessment focused on students

    CID Members

    Raquel Ramos, Marshall Center for Intercultural Learning, Co-chair

    Dolita Cathcart, History, Co-chair

    Abigail Cohen, Academic Advising

    Nancy Evans, Classics

    Peony Fhagen, Psychology

    Alida Gomez, Center for Global Education

    Dennis Hanno, President

    Kate Lucas, Human Resources

    Shaya Gregory Poku, Center for Social Justice & Community Impact

    John Sutyak, Athletics

    Donnie Taveras, Residential Life

    Olivia Benissan ’19

    James Gowen ’18

    Musa Ali ’18

    Zelda Zhao ’18