About the President’s Commission

The President’s Commission, established in 1989, is a distinguished group of alumni, parents and friends of Wheaton College appointed to serve as advisors to the president in matters of institutional development and issues of importance in higher education. Members of the President’s Commission are selected for their expertise, interest in higher education and special commitment to Wheaton.

Advisory in nature, the President’s Commission plays a particularly important role in bringing an external perspective to matters of policy and planning that concern Wheaton College. As Wheaton continues to fulfill its strategic plan for academic excellence and financial equilibrium in an intensely competitive environment, the college requires new kinds of knowledge and unprecedented efforts to create uncompromising standards of educational quality, to enhance public and constituent awareness of Wheaton and to provide and garner financial support and expertise to strengthen the institution.

President’s Commissioners serve a three-year term and are asked to attend two meetings each year on campus; one in the fall and the other in the spring. These meetings, usually concentrating on one issue, include discussions with the president and other senior administrators, as well as with trustees, faculty, staff and/or students. Members of the President’s Commission serve as a sounding board for the campus community, applying their expertise from their professional, volunteer and family experiences and their perspectives as committed alumni, parents and friends of Wheaton.

For more information on the President’s Commission, send an email to presidentscommission@wheatoncollege.edu.