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  • Wheaton Life Watch logo

    Life Watch Video

    The Life Watch program combines CPR training, strategies for safe alcohol use, and tips on recognizing alcohol poisoning. More »
  • Four Loko Warning

    WARNING: The new canned drink, Four Loko, is NOT an energy drink. It's an extremely dangerous concoction (it approximates six shots of alcohol and five cups of coffee) that has caused life-threatening side effects. More »
  • Wheaton Joins the Alcohol Prevention Coalition

    In the spring of 2010, Wheaton College join the Alcohol Prevention Coalition, a new nation-wide collaborative of colleges and universities committed to state-of-the-art prevention approaches, effective policies, and pioneering practices that bolster academic success and reduce alcohol-related harm. The APC is led by the national alcohol prevention organization, Outside the Classroom. More »
  • Safe Ride Cabs

    Take a Ride on the Safe Side with SAFE RIDE CABS, a service provided in collaboration with the Checker Cab Company of Taunton. The SAFE RIDES program resumes September 23rd. More »
  • Open Forum

    The Yellow Wood Commission invites you to attend¬†its first open forum on Thursday, April 22¬† from 3:30-5pm in the Woolley Room, Mary Lyons Hall. The goal of this forum is to gather information and begin a community dialogue. During this forum we will explore these three questions together: How do we describe the alcohol culture […] More »