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Alcohol Response: Institutional Recommendation Report

In the fall of 2009, our President, Provost, and Dean of Students created the task-force called the Yellow Wood Commission (YWC) to lead Wheaton in a thorough examination of its alcohol risks and challenges and its related policies and practices. Over the last three semesters Commission members explored the ideas, beliefs, and behaviors of students and other stakeholders, while reviewing the latest research and best practices of colleges across the country. The goal: to inspire the cultural change needed to reduce alcohol-related harm, bolster academic success, and enhance the Wheaton experience.

After significant study and broad community discussions, the report entitled Alcohol Response:  Institutional Recommendation Report was created. This report presents an overview of findings and recommendations for positive change.

This summer, YWC representatives will formally present these recommendations to the President's Council and, during the fall of 2011, the YWC will host various community forums for students and others to discuss the report recommendations and related implications.

The Recommendation Report is a document that Wheaton can take pride in. It reflects our community's dedication to improving student safety and success. While this report signals the completion of the Yellow Wood Commission's original charge, there is still hard work ahead. The good news is that we as a community are ready and able to do what is necessary for a better future; this report points the way.

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