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First Day of Classes

First Day

Talking with students about writing helps them and us to reflect about writing and to clarify mutual expectations. Consider asking your students to discuss and/ or write about any of the following questions:

What kinds of writing have they done, both in and out of class?

Do they keep a blog? Have Facebook page or Twitter account? 

If they do use social media, what do they use it for?

What do they use academic writing for?  How would they compare writing they do for class with writing they do outside of class (including writing using social media)?

What kinds of writing do they have the most success with? The least?

What steps do they take when writing a paper? Do they complete multiple drafts?

Do they know where to go if they want help with their writing or would like to have someone else read their work?

What kinds of commentary on their writing do they find to be the most helpful? What do they find least helpful?

What would they like to improve upon?

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