Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton Institute for the Interdisciplinary Humanities

The Humanities Give Back: The Humanities in Professional Fields

The humanities lead to practical skills in the professional world.  The intellectual flexibility young adults gain through a humanistic liberal arts education prepares them for leadership roles in the twenty-first century.  The Wheaton Institute for the Interdisciplinary Humanities’ inaugural theme of 2013 showcases the real benefits of infusing professional fields with the humanities.

Humanists are trained as deliberate and holistic thinkers.  As such, they deploy analytical skills that enhance professional fields by making them more directly meaningful to human experience.  The humanities historicize and contextualize knowledge.  They consider multiple perspectives, thus empowering professional fields to identify diverse interests and needs in order to transform the global community. By embracing a humanistic approach, practicing professionals become more effective at envisioning and devising the responsibilities and privileges that individuals have in their lives.

The WIIH will effectuate this dialogue by gathering experts in the fields of business, engineering, law, medicine, and science-technology who are incorporating the humanities as a coherent aspect of their practice. These events will demonstrate the constructive ways in which the professional fields and the humanities—both independently and in conjunction with each other—can push the rigid boundaries that have defined them until now.


The WIIH opens with four leading medical practitioners in the community discussing how they bring the arts and humanities into their profession.  Please join Dr. Cheng-Chieh Chuang (Internal Medicine, Lakeside Family Practice), Dr. Melissa DiPetrillo (Internal Medicine, Boston University Medical School), Dr. Angela Leung (Endocrinology, Boston University Medical School), and Dr. Daniel Oates (Geriatrics, Granite Medical Group) for this compelling forum at 5pm on February 28 in Haas Concourse, Watson Hall.


The WIIH's official inauguration brings Dr. Anthony Grafton, Henry Putnam University Professor of History at Princeton University and 2011 President of the American Historical Association back to campus to moderate a gala roundtable discussion featuring: Prof. Khiara Bridges (Criminal Law and Anthropology, Boston University), Prof. Rafael Campo (Internal Medicine, Harvard Medical School and Lesley University Creative Writing Program), Prof. Diana Dabby (Electrical Engineering and Music, Olin College of Engineering), Prof. Tara Nummedal (History of Science, Brown University Science and Technology Program), and Prof. Miguel Rivera-Santos (Strategy and International Business, Babson College and EMLYON Business School).  Please join us for this inaugural celebration at 5pm on April 1 in Ellison Lecture Room, Watson Hall.

The WIIH's Spring 2013 programming is made possible by generous support from the Office of the President; Office of the Provost; Evelyn Danzig Haas '39 Visiting Artists Program; Student Government Association's Speaker, Venture, Senate, and Education Council Funds; Phi Beta Kappa; and Women's Studies Program.

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