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Wheaton Institute for the Interdisciplinary Humanities

About the 2016-17 Directors and Founding Members

2016-17 Faculty Co-Directors

Montserrat Pérez-Toribio is Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies in the department of Hispanic and Italian Studies. Her areas of specialization are Early Modern Spanish and Women and Sexuality Studies. Her research centers on women in the early modern Spanish territories. She has published on the representation of gender, class, and productivity in sixteenth and seventeenth century fiction and epistolary writing. She is currently working on a manuscript that examines how women and their relationship to labor and productivity were depicted in early modern Spain.

M. Gabriela Torres
 is Associate Professor of Anthropology and a specialist on the relationship between gender based violence and the state. Her most recent publication is co-edited with Kersti Yllo and entitled Marital Rape: Consent, Marriage and Social Change in Global Context (Oxford University Press) . Her work exploring the impact of violence on gender relations, nation-building and post-conflict reconstruction has been published in Anthropologica, the Anthropology of Work Review.the Latin American Research Review, Studies in Social Justice, and the Journal of Poverty, among others.  

Both Professor M. Gabriela Torres and Professor Montserrat Pérez-Toribio have recently received fellowships from the Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation to fund travel and research that will facilitate the creation of new courses, transform existing classes and extend the faculty members’ scholarship.

Founding Members

The Wheaton Institute for the Interdisciplinary Humanities was founded by Yuen-Gen Liang, Associate Professor of History, and Touba Ghadessi, Associate Professor of Art History, in collaboration with and through the support of a team of fourteen students representing nine disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and natural and applied sciences.

  • Morgan Bakerman ‘13 (Art History)
  • Tyler Bennett ‘12 (Physics)
  • Blake Funston ‘12 (Art History)
  • Madeleine Goldsmith ‘12 (Art History)
  • Robert Iafolla ‘13 (History and International Relations)
  • Logan Hinderliter ‘14 (Classical Studies)
  • Rachel LaFortune ‘13 (English and French Studies)
  • Ian Lazzara ‘12 (Anthropology)
  • Gerald O’Neil ‘14 (Art History)
  • Kirstie Parkinson ‘13 (Art History)
  • Jacob Pomerantz ‘12 (History)
  • Laura Richardson ‘12 (Mathematics)
  • Victoria Schuppert ‘12 (History of Philosophy)
  • Christine Sobieck ‘12 (French Studies and History)

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