Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College

The Web Renovation

The Web Team led the renovation of Wheaton's web site beginning in the spring 2009. The process included setting goals, reviewing design proposals, building information architecture, and designing technical improvements to help departments manage their pages and deliver their news and services more effectively.

We took many ideas from the redesign of the homepage (in the summer of 2008), and extended those ideas throughout the entire site. This redesign includes more news, more images, more profiles of people--and much better navigation and search.

Along the way, we depended on the advice of the Web Renovation Working Group, whose members included representatives from all divisions of the college. These people were especially helpful to us in reworking the site's navigation.

White Whale Web Services reviewed the site's existing organization and made recommendations for revisions to the navigation (menus) and the content of top level pages.


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