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Change a sub-menu

You may notice that some Wheaton webpages have sub-menus in their sidebars. In fact, a sub-menu may have appeared on your own page—inexplicably!

Sidebars are reserved for sub-navigation on Wheaton's site. So, if a page has any "child" pages, those pages will appear automatically in the "parent" page's Sidebar. Just as in real life, no matter what else you may have planned for that area, the "children" can take over.

Wheaton's site works that way by design. Your readers need to be able to navigate through your site, and this kind of sub-navigation is very helpful to them.

image of pageMashIf you need to re-order the options in a sub-menu, use pageMash (find it in the editor dashboard under "Pages") to drag the page titles up or down. Be certain to save your work by clicking "update" in the lower-right before leaving pageMash.

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