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Add an image

Well-chosen, copyright-free images and photographs can add value to your site. Once selected, here's how to include that perfect image on your page or post:

  1. Send your browser to the page/post where the image should appear, and sign in with your editor credentials. Reminder: Don't use Internet Explorer for editor tasks.
  2. Click once in the page body where you'd like the image to appear.
  3. Locate the image. It may be on your computer, in your site's Media Library, or out on the web somewhere (we recommend that you do not use this last option).
  4. Select and upload the image.
  5. Take a moment to add some information (metadata) about the image, including its title, some alternative text (which will be read by screen reading software), a link URL ("none" is often fine), alignment and size. You can modify all that information later if you like.
  6. When you're done, click the "save all changes" button at the bottom

Once on the page, an image can be easily modified. Click once on the image to reveal two icons. Select the:Screen snap of image controls

  • blue icon to open a window for image editing; or the
  • red icon to remove the image from the page (it will remain in your site's Media Library for now).

Always confirm the changes by viewing your updated page.

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