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Good housekeeping tip: Clean out your Media Library

Posted on July 2, 2012

Editors: July might just be the perfect time to review the contents of your department site's Media Library.

  1. Launch your browser (no Internet Explorer, please), visit your site's homepage and sign in as an editor.
  2. Go to the editor Dashboard.
  3. Click once on "Media" (on the left) to see a library listing of your files.
  4. Hover over each file's title to see available options such as Edit, Delete Permanently or View.
  5. Delete any file that has out-of-date information. Do you have a replacement that's up-to-date and live?
  6. Ensure each file has a clear and concise title, and repeat it in the "Alternate Text" field.
  7. Save your work and check it.

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