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Seize control with post excerpts and featured images

Posted on January 30, 2012

Wheaton web editors: When you take the time to write a quality News post you share the great energy in your department. Now, the Web Team has more ways to make your work go further.

For example, your post may drop into a collection of News from around the college... like this one.Screen snap of "Latest Posts" feed

Your post will look good in a feed like this—but it will look fabulous if it has a lovingly hand-crafted excerpt and a featured image to travel along with it. (An excerpt is a short summary of a News post, and a featured image is a small image, such as a photo, that appears with a post's headline).

It's so easy to add an excerpt to your post:

  • Look for the "Excerpt" field as you're writing your post. You may have to scroll down to find it. Note: If the "Excerpt" field is missing from your editing display, you can add it by looking under "Screen Options" (top right corner of browser window). If you can't find it, don't suffer; contact the Web Team.
  • Write something short and enticing in the post's "Excerpt" field. If your excerpt is irresistible, your readers will want to learn more; they'll click through the headline to get to the full story.

A quality and succinct excerpt gives your post a helpful summary and the professional appearance it deserves. If you don't write an excerpt, your headline may appear with a chunk of copy grabbed from the beginning of your post. Usually, the results are less satisfactory.

Exercise creative control today! Write an excerpt for each your beautiful News posts.

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