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Editors: Better-looking webpage printouts are here

Posted on August 3, 2011

Sometimes web pages look "less than beautiful" when printed. As a result, many web editors have kept at least some of their content locked up in PDFs.

Happily though, times have changed. The Web Team can now offer you ways to produce print-outs you can be proud of.

Please consider this an invitation to set your PDF content free!

The Center for Global Education recently converted all of their "study abroad" program information out of PDFs and into new webpages that are:

  • printable on-demand;
  • enriched with links, maps and videos;
  • accessible, searchable and more discoverable for readers; and
  • more easily maintained.

Talk to us about the information you currently have locked up in PDFs. We can help customize the way your pages display and print.

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