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State of the toolbox

Posted on January 7, 2011

Notes for a presentation 1/7/11

  • Layout
    • photo banner dept banner title (or welcome) (excerpt) body related sidebar (or submenu) featured image elsewhere (widgets only)
    • menu to left or right
    • widgets (in sidebar or related or elsewhere (plus widgetLogic
    • site-specific CSS
    • title h3 & highlight div in related or sidebar
    • overflowing the related (wide body)
  • Techniques
    • div class= highlight highlight_blue highlight_yellow smaller larger
    • archives pages for categories & posts +nav widgets
    • Shortcodes
      • get-news faculty course calendar map scrape
    • tables &
    • embedding youTube
    • template: no sidebar
  • Tools/plugins
    • MapPress Pro (maps from addresses in posts
    • scraper
    • link checker
  • Sources of content
    • Posts on the current site
    • Posts on the current site that redirect to other Wheaton sites (news, quarterly, people quilt profiles
    • feeds of news from other Wheaton sites (/latest/, new faculty profiles, ??
    • Wheaton calendar & sub-calendars
    • Faculty profiles current and new coming soon
      • faculty name &/or photo w/link to profile
    • Catalog (all w/links to web pages)
      • Course title/description
      • Course lists
      • faculty lists
    • Quarterly (spr 2010 through winter 2011 plus feature stories back to ??
    • External feeds RSS, Facebook, Twitter, iCal

State of the toolbox diagram

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