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Posted on August 5, 2010

Today, after months of behind-the-scenes preparation, the Web Team moved all 48 academic websites into our new editor--one for every department and interdepartmental program.

Majors & minorsIn addition to these sites, all of the courses, majors and minors from the college catalog have been converted. This will simplify editing for departments and open up new options for news, photos and calendars.

Site visitors will find several immediate improvements, but the most important is that every course listing now includes a direct link to the course schedule and links to any Connections the course is a part of. For instance, take a look at BIO 112 or CONX 20012.

We've polished up most of it. Now the Registrar's Office is busy updating content for the opening of school, and the LIS computing liaisons are working with academic departments. We would be most grateful if you'd let us know if you see something we may have missed. Thank you.

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