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Strategic recommendations: A Wheaton Way

Posted on May 21, 2009

After taking some time to digest what they heard on campus, our consultants at White Whale have delivered a set of strategic recommendations for the renovated Wheaton web site. Their first recommendation really resonates with me--it's a nice twist on the Wheaton Way:
"As we go through the process of designing and developing this site, we hope to do things in a Wheaton Way. We don’t claim to know exactly what that means, yet— we are new students. But from the perspective of a site renovation, we hope to make something honest and forthright in the way it communicates Wheaton’s values to prospects; to instill a sense of accountability on the part of both the Wheaton community as a whole as well as the people who will help to communicate and manage content on Wheaton’s behalf; to demonstrate transparency and openness in presenting Wheaton’s faculty and staff to the public; and to show Wheaton’s commitment to service in both the experiential learning of students and the many offices and organizations on campus that provide services to students. We see these as some of Wheaton’s core values."

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