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Web Strategy Team announces new blog

Posted on March 27, 2008

The Web Strategy Team's web site is sporting a new blog. Why? We expect to introduce several new services over the few months, and we wanted a good way to keep you in the loop. As new services become available, we will post information on our site using the blog. We hope you'll visit us at http://wheatoncollege.edu/web and subscribe to our feed while you're there. Please let us know (web AT wheatoncollege DOT edu) if you have questions or suggestions.

Once you see our new blog in action you may want to have one, too. Blogs are easy to edit and update so it's easier to share your department's news and information. A blog is an especially useful tool for a site that has frequent news and announcements.

It's easy for your readers, too. Besides reading your news on the web, a reader can subscribe to your content and have it delivered automatically to their favorite news reader or their email inbox.

Besides that, all the cool people are doing it.

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